Hello everyone,

We've set the new sales target for this year and wanted to communicate it to you as soon as possible. Given our stronger-than-expected performance last fiscal year and the robustness of our pipeline, we expect to exceed last year's performance by at least 10%. Therefore we have set this year's goal at a conservative $10 million. $10million won't be a cake walk but it's not out of reach for a strong sales team like the one we have here. You will be receiving your individual goals in the next week. In the mean time, keep up the good work and maintain the focus! 

Last week Nick and I represented Atlassian at Agile Australia 2009.
We had a decent booth in a great location right in-front of the conference doors and also next to the food station.

On the other side of our booth we had thoughtworks who were the major sponsor of the event. They must have had about 20 of their staff members there attending and speaking at the conference, while their booth was predominately occupied by two HR ladies actively recruiting new staff.

Attending the conference were a mix of people new to agile and others already using various agile methods. I came across two types of people:

1. Those using JIRA and wanting a GreenHopper demonstration.
2. Microsoft people who never use our products.

Needless to say I promoted the merits of JIRA+GH to both agile parties with a demo using actual GreenHopper data from JAC. Most customers were amazed at how easy GreenHopper was for agile methods and also how it can do 'KanBan things'. Every now and then people would ask about our other products but as this was an agile conference most of the attention was on JIRA+GH. This also could have been because quite a number of the presenters spoke about using JIRA+GH in their agile tool set - great way to get free plugs!!!

The number of attendees being thrown around at this event were about 300.
Next year they plan to have it at the Hilton hotel and have more speakers/streams and more attendees.

It was a good first conference and I think we should attend again next year.
Many thanks to Nick and Robyn for all their help.

Webinar Feedback

I got this email from a customer and thought I would share it!

Matt, hi

Just a quick note to thank you for the Webinar you hosted today. There was quite a group of us in attendance and it was very informative.