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The table below shows the version of the Application Links plugin that is bundled with the versions of the listed Atlassian products.

Note that:

  • You do not need to install AppLinks into any product.
  • You can link between products that bundle different versions of the AppLinks plugin (except as indicated below).


Cases of incompatibility

Atlassian Support has noted the following incompatibilities between versions of AppLinks. You should ensure your applications are using the same major version of AppLinks to resolve any potential incompatibilities.

Source ApplicationDestination ApplicationStatus
JIRA 4.4.5 (Applinks 3.5)Confluence 5.6.6 (Applinks 4.2)Incompatible - 404 on some REST fields in JIRA.


* Products using AppLinks v3.4 or earlier cannot use Trusted Apps to link to products using Applinks v3.5 or greater which have been patched in line with the following security advisories. Please follow the links for more details:


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