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Excel Client for JIRA 可以让用户在 Excel 中离线维护问题的数据,比如 批量修改问题、执行工作流、上传附件、批量创建问题。


  • 离线创建JIRA问题 - 用户可以在不连接JIRA服务器的前提下,准备JIRA数据。当可以连接JIRA时,批量上传。
  • 获取JIRA问题列表到Excel - 用户可以自己输入JQL语言或选择一个JIRA中已经收藏的过滤器,将JIRA问题输出到Excel,并可以选择需要显示的字段。
  • 批量编辑JIRA问题 - 可以随时编辑从JIRA提取的问题
  • 批量创建JIRA问题 - 可以批量创建一个项目及问题类型的问题
  • 导出问题备注和历史记录
  • 详细介绍参见 主要功能预览






Excel Client for JIRA allows users to maintain issue data in Excel offline, including bulk-modifying issues, executing workflows, uploading attachments, bulk-creating issues.


  • Create JIRA Issues Offline -Users may prepare JIRA data when disconnected with JIRA server. Once JIRA connection is available, users may bulk-upload these data.  
  • Retrieve and Export JIRA Issue List to Excel - It is possible for users to export JIRA issues to Excel by entering a JQL statement or selecting a favorite filter in JIRA. With it, you may also select the fields to be shown as required.
  • Bulk Edit JIRA Issues - It is used to edit the issues extracted from JIRA at any time.
  • Bulk Create JIRA Issues - It is used to bulk-create a project and some types of issues.
  • Export Issue Comments and History Records
  • For more information, refer to Main Functions Preview.




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